48 hours in Edinburgh, what are the best photo spots?

Are you planning to visit Edinburgh for 2 days or longer and looking for the best photo spots? The capital city has lots of beautiful picturesque places to explore. And the best thing is everyhting is in a walk distance away. Edinburgh, pronounced as Edinbvrgh, is known for its ancient looking architecture and viewpoints on hills. I’ve summed some of the highlights you can't afford to miss.

Calton Hill

To get the most iconic view of Edinburgh Calton Hill is the right place to be. The well known shot is the one with the Dugald Stewart Monument in the foreground watching over Edinburgh. From a photographers standpoint I absolutely loved Calton Hill because of the many compositions that can be framed. Wander around the hill and you'll understand why it's part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you're planning to shoot the sunset at Calton Hill make sure to be there early because it's a popular spot.

Victoria Street

The colourful Victoria Street is the most photographed street in whole of Scotland, which doesn't surprise me. All the colours, the small elevation and the elegant curve make this street really photogenic. Victoria Street was built between 1829-34 to improve access to the Old Town. Nowadays it's a hotspot for tourists, photographers and Harry Potter fans. At night this place really comes to live and has a great atmosphere you must experience when visiting Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Castle

When thinking of Scotland the first thing that crosses my mind is historical castles. The one that stands out in the middle of the capital is Edinburgh Castle. Located on top of an extinct volcano it can be seen through almost the entire city. Photographing the castle gives you much opportunies. Batlle yourself through the crowds to enter the castle or make a hike around to capture this British icon. Visiting Edinburgh in autumn offered me really characteristic views.

The Vennel

From just a three minute walk from Victoria Street the Vennel is a hidden photo spot where few tourists come. Framing typical Btitish stairs leading towards Edinburgh Castle. My tip is to visit this spot at evening times to get the extra atmospheric element. If you’re wandering like me what Vennel means, it’s an old Scottish word that originated from French word ‘Venelle’ which means ‘Little Street’.

Arthur's Seat

Climb an old volcano for 360 views over Edinburgh. The views from Arthur's Seat are extraordinary due the unusual combination between the city skyline and the rocky hill. The first time I heard about Arthur's Seat I couldn't believe this viewpoint was so close to the city. The climb towards isn't too hard, the hiking paths are quitte good and there are multiple ways to reach the top. A good pair of hiking boots is advisable.

Dean Village

The most stunning hidden gem in Edinburgh is Dean village. Wander around the peaceful waterside and enjoy the spectacular architecture. This place is on the edge of the city center and not on the main toursist trail. But this place is worth every minute of your time. The best view can be experienced from down the riverside at Hawthornbank Lane.