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Corporate photography

I photograph what you want to tell

When creating images for your company it's important to photography the core of the organization. What is the story you want to tell? During a comprehensive acquaintance, we determine the right  ‘tone of voice’. Who is your target audience and where are the photo's used for? it's nice to know these things in advance because we can work as effective and creative as possible.

When these things are clear we can start creating!

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Your company captured in images

Photography is key for a company. It's the first impression of your business and amplifies your identity.

As a corporate photographer, it is my goal to portray your company in an appealing, but authentic way.

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Benefits for your organization

What is the most attractive subject to photograph of your company? The location? Commercial vehicles? The products? No, with corporate photography it is all about people. Of course all other subjects matter but the people are the core the company. After all, the character of your company determines how people experience your company. 

  • High quality visual content with wide usability

  • Positive identity of your company visualized 

  • Attracting potential prospects with the right photographic style

  • An image database filled with photo's without thinking of copyrights

What is the process?

  • After you get in touch we make an appointment for an intake meeting. This is key to determine the brand identity and making sure which photographic style fits your company. 

  • When we reach an agreement on the costs we can start shooting. It's important to plan the shoot in advance to get the optimal result. 

  • Thereafter I will process the images in post-prodcution. To make sure you have the best results, I will make a selection of the shoot and edit the visuals. 

  • The final step is to deliver the high quality files to you! The photo's can be adjusted to different purposes such as social media, website, brochures, etc. 


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Hi there!

Let's connect

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Jeroen van Rooijen

Nederlandse Fotovakschool

Hi there!I am Jeroen, a photographer living in Elst, Gelderland, the Netherlands.  With my acknowledged degree in photography I builded a broad skill set in creating visual content. Besides my education at the Fotovakschool I am always looking for innovation and keep myself educated. If you have any questions, you can always call me, send me a whatsapp or send an email. 

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