Jeroen van Rooijen

My passion for photography started at the age of 15. At that time I really started to appreciate the diverse landscapes my parents had always taken me to since I was very little. I was experimenting a lot by photographing cities, nature and also airplanes, which is another passion that I used to share with friends. Once I started to travel on my own, photography became an important aspect of the trip. At that point of age, I had to choose what I wanted to study for my bachelors and I actually had no idea. One day, someone simply asked me why I wouldn't study photography if that was what I was enjoying so much. And so I did. I started an education in photography at the Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn. Currently I am halfway through my education to become a professional photographer.

My approach to photography is all about getting out and explore. Being in nature, especially when you’ve got the landscape all to yourself, is so peaceful; just being outdoors and exploring. Even when the photograph isn’t that good, I’m always happy to go outdoors. The adventure is what it makes it so great.

I enjoy every type of photography but I enjoy photographing landscapes the most. The feeling when putting effort in something and it actually pays off is indescribable. At moments everything comes together, I try to utilise my excitement to create a great photograph.


Sometimes I ask myself: “is photography the reason to explore or is exploring the reason to photograph?”.

I think the answer is a combination of both, but over the years I have experienced that exploring and travelling takes off the stress and makes me feel happy. Besides that, travelling gives me the opportunity to meet people I would have never met. Travelling with the camera is just a different mindset and stimulates my creativity.

With my photos I aim to inspire other people to go outdoors, explore and enjoy nature. The world has so much beauty to offer and the experiences make you richer, not the money.




The travel and photography magazine Nomadict has publisched an interview with Jeroen van Rooijen.

You can read the interview here.

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